Some Background Info About This Website's Author

After three+ decades of working as a natural health practitioner; having consulted with thousands of clients, as well as running or presenting at dozens of workshops and lectures, have all allowed Peter de Ruyter to accumulate a vast amount of information and expertise in a wide range of alternative health and wellness-related fields.

Peter is qualified in a range of subjects, including:

• A Science Degree from Sydney University in 1982

• Graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1979

• Received his Diploma of Herbalism in 1982

• Has a wide range of Certificates in such arenas as Homeopathy, Iridology, Rebirthing, Reiki and Massage

• Has authored a total of 10 books, with most of them listed on this website

• And he is a long-standing member of both the the National Herbalists Association of Australia, and the Australian Society of Authors.

By sharing those years of accumulated knowledge with you, condensed into this series of highly affordable, self help eBooks, it's his hope that this information helps empower your search for answers to challenges in your daily life.

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