Acid Reflux – A Pesky Health Issue With Serious Ramifications

Acid reflux or heartburn is a complex, multi-layered health condition, and can cause severe irritation and damage to the esophagus, even to the point of triggering cancer in this area.

Nowadays, gastric reflux disease is a health challenge which seems to be rushing towards epidemic proportions in our hectic, toxic and often chaotically unbalanced modern lifestyle. Just watch TV for half an hour, and see how many ads there are for this uncomfortable and annoying problem.  

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Acid Reflux Is Not Always Due To Too Much Acid!

Ironically, there’s a twist to this condition of gastroesophageal reflux disease, which medicine – generally - hasn’t yet picked up on. Hence, this is resulting in most people being wrongly treated for their heartburn, by being prescribed medications that inevitably cause an even greater list of gastric, and other systemic symptoms.

Medicine’s approach is to give you a quick-fix, ‘magic bullet’ drug, such as one of the many proton pump inhibitors. However, these usually don’t cure the situation, and only suppress symptoms. Stop the drug, and the symptoms usually come back.

Here, via the video clip, backed up by a free, very detailed PDF article, you can explore the many self-empowering ways in which you can manage your gastric reflux symptoms via a range of safe, effective and more natural approaches.

Below, you’ll find a list of topics covered in this discussion on acid reflux or heartburn:

• Various Terms Used To Describe This Condition
• What Are Some Acid Reflux Symptoms?
• Gastric Reflux Is Mostly Due To Too Little Acid – Not Too Much!
• This Medical Misconception can result in serious health consequences
• What Causes Gastric Reflux?
• What Are The Gastric Reflux Drugs Used By Doctors – And Their Side-Effects?
• Problems Associated With Medical Drugs Used For Gastric Reflux Disease
• What Are Some Acid Reflux Triggers?
• How Stress Affects Gastric Reflux
• Factors Aggravating Gastric Reflux Disease
• Some Natural Gastric Reflux Remedies Suggestions
• My 5 Top Natural Remedies For Gastric Reflux Disease

       o Slippery Elm + Chia & Flax Seed Combo
       o Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey
       o Bitter Herb Therapy
       o “Iberogast” – A Well-Researched, Herbal Remedy From Germany
       o Nature Sunshine “Stomach Comfort” (Australian version only!)

• Other Heartburn Remedies Include:

       o “Spice Tea” – a simple blend of common spices
       o Hydrochloric acid + pancreatic enzyme therapy
       o Chewing your food properly – Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely!
       o Exercise – always important in any health issue
       o Food combining – can greatly help for many with reflux
       o Allergies – doing a food reactivity diary – really worth the effort!
       o Not eating too soon before bed
       o European style of eating breakfast, lunch and an evening snack
       o Aloe vera + Wheat Grass powder
       o Yogurt & Kefir
       o Chewing an apple – yep; works for many! Why not give it a try?
       o Zinc, Vitamin A, & Glutamine
       o Various herbal teas e.g. Chamomile, Ginger, Alfalfa & Celery seeds
       o Fatty foods can cause reflux, but you still need healthy oils

• Conclusions About Natural Remedies For Gastric Reflux
• Resources Section


N.B. - Please note that all due diligence has been enacted in sourcing these supplements, however, please understand that I cannot be responsible for any choices you make, or how you subsequently use such supplements.

Australian Suppliers

• “Iberogast” -  Australia

• Swedish Bitters – Australia

• “Stomach Comfort” – Australian Formula

• Slippery Elm - powder – Australia

• Chia Seeds (whole) – Australia

• Flax seeds (whole) – Australia

• Licorice root powder - Australia

• Alfalfa seeds (whole) – Australia

• Celery seeds (whole) – Australia

• Apple cider vinegar – Australia



Be aware that Amazon doesn’t mail out natural remedies to all parts of the world, but if you live in the USA, then the following links may be useful to you.

For those living in other parts of the world, including Australia, first check that Amazon will send the natural remedy you’re after to your country, or see if you can find these various ingredients from a local health food store, or delicatessen. Otherwise try the various Australian links provided above.

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