Understanding Why Antibiotic Resistance Is Such A Big Deal

Antibiotic resistance is very real. It’s not something that only happens occasionally.

Even the World Health Organization presently sees antibiotic drug resistance as: ‘one of the greatest threats to human health today.’

That’s quite a statement in a world where we have become accustomed to being able to blithely deal with just about every bacterial, fungal or parasitic infection we’re exposed to, as well as a growing number of viral diseases.

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Antibiotic Resistance – The Problem

The problem is that antibiotic resistance is not going to be effectively dealt with by simply inventing stronger antibiotics.

Unless we simultaneously deal with the mindset that has driven us into this cul-de-sac of antimicrobial drug resistance in the first place, then, further down the track we’ll simply end up in an even bigger mess than we’re experiencing now!

Hence, when using substances capable of preventing or controlling infections, there’s a crucial need to operate from a completely different mindset.

The reality is that if science and medicine aren’t capable of making this quantum leap in treatment strategies, there will be many serious consequences to dealing with antimicrobial drug resistance in our daily lives, such as:

• If you end up with an infectious disease, caused by a resistant microorganism which no longer responds to the antibiotic used… you can die

• If science and medicine don’t figure out better ways of managing antibiotic resistance bacteria – and other microorganisms causing parasite or fungal infections - much of modern medicine’s marvels will become unsustainable

• The challenge of antibiotic resistance is the reality that all of the sophisticated medical procedures, as well as many of the more general surgical practices, are completely depend on viable antibiotics for infection control

Some examples of medical procedures that would be wiped out by drug-resistant, healthcare-associated infections include:

• All organ transplants
• All joint replacements
• Most major surgeries
• Cosmetic surgery
• Many cancer therapies

Hopefully, the drastic nature of this crisis is sinking in for you. Perhaps you’re starting to realize just how significant antimicrobial drug resistance really is, and how it can cause the downfall of so many of the modern, medical marvels we presently take for granted.

So, how does antibiotic resistance occur? What drives this drug resistance, creating these ‘superbug’ infections we’re increasingly hearing about?

Antibiotic Resistance – The Solution

It’s crucial we all really ‘get it’, that in order to overcome antimicrobial resistance we need to do more than simply invent new antibiotics.

When it comes to drug resistance, there’s an urgent need to broaden the discussion.

For bacterial infections, let alone viral infections or those caused by parasites, the crucial role played by a robust immune system in preventing or eradicating such infections is something rarely mentioned by medicine.

What many people don’t realize is that a significant number of antibiotics only ‘stun’ bugs, but don’t kill them.

The killing part is done by your immune system! Result? Poor immune system means poor infection control, and an inevitable failure of the antibiotic used – which in turn literally puts your life on the line.

But the next shift that needs to occur when dealing with antibiotic drug resistance is for medicine to better understand all the many factors that can affect your immune system – positively or negatively – as well as your health generally.

This eBook: ‘Antibiotic Resistance – Calamity or Opportunity? Exploring Alternate Paradigms & Options’ looks closely at the role an healthy immune system plays in infection control, and how to ensure your immune system is as strong as possible in its ability to control or kill bugs.

What would definitely be unwise is to wait till you are infected with a drug-resistant form of infectious disease, before reading this eBook!

You’ll find lots of self empowering information about a wide range of simple, practical options you can use in your daily life – right now – with which to minimize the chances of becoming ill in the first place!

A List Of Bugs Already Becoming Resistant To Antibiotics

The incidence of antimicrobial drug resistance cases of bacterial infections, such as:

• Campylobacter (causes food poisoning)
• Chlamydia (a sexually transmitted disease, or STDs)
• E coli (often causes food poisoning)
• Healthcare-associated infections (increasing seen in hospitals and other medical clinics)
• Mycobacterium (causes Tuberculosis)
• Neisseria gonorrhoeae (causes Gonorrhea, euphemistically called ‘the clap’)
• Pneumococcus (causes pneumonia, or meningitis)
• Salmonella (causes serious food poisoning; also can cause thypoid)
• Staphylococcus – (causes Staph infection, usually of the skin, such as boils, and styes, but also: pneumonia, mastitis, phlebitis, urinary tract infections or UTIs, osteomyelitis, food poisoning, meningitis, and other ‘nasties’)
• Streptococcus (causes Strep throat; Scarlet Fever; Impetigo, Otitis media, Sinus problems, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Septic arthritis, Cellulitis or ‘Flesh Eating Disease’, Osteomyelitis, Blood Poisoning, Pneumonia or Meningitis)…

...these and other infections, increasingly resistant to antibiotics, are snowballing at a frightening rate. It’s also important to realize that such infections don’t just make you feel unwell for a while… and then you get on with your life ‘as usual’.

Many of these infectious diseases can, and do kill!

What You’ll Gain By Reading This eBook

What the challenge of antibiotic resistance throws at medicine and science is the need to understand that it also offers a huge opportunity in learning how to expand upon their management of infectious disease - and health – by encompassing a fundamentally different perspective to their present medical world-view.

The eye-opening revelations discussed in this eBook: ‘Antibiotic Resistance – Calamity or Opportunity? Exploring Alternate Paradigms & Options’ will offer you:

• a solid understanding of why we need to expand upon what medicine is doing presently
• plus offers an old, well-established, alternative way of looking at how infections can be better prevented as well as managed, through the concept of Lifeforce
• but most importantly, this approach to antibiotic drug resistance gives back your sense of self-empowerment when it comes to dealing with your health generally, and any infections specifically.

‘Antibiotic Resistance’ is an essential eBook to have on-hand if you’re serious about increasing your chances of surviving infections for which the present medical options no longer offer a solution.

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