Cancer – So Many Options And Concepts You May Not Be Told About

That one word - 'cancer' - can radically change your life in an instant, often leaving people overwhelmed with fear and despair.

Yet, there is so much you can do to maximize your ability to manage the many complications and side-effects associated with going the traditional medical route, such as chemo and radiotherapy, while also augmenting the final outcome from using such orthodox treatments.

Despite a 'war' on this health issue, initiated by President Nixon in 1971, and despite billions of dollars and decades of research later, tumor stats show - by and large – that there have been few really significant improvements in either incidence or survival of this ever-increasing health scourge.

Modern, Americanized Cancer Research Is Far Too Narrow

Many are starting to question the NCI's single-minded obsession with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy as the only options provided to those following the American model of treating this disease – especially we in the UK and Australia.

It needs to be understood that countries like Germany and Japan – hardly scientifically 'backward!' – regularly incorporate much broader, and far more holistic treatment protocols for their citizens, resulting in better overall outcomes and far less side effects.

Complementary Approaches To Malignancy Therapy Will Eventually Predominate

The reality is that many viable, natural cancer treatment options do already exist – and the comparative effectiveness of such treatments is often underpinned by good scientific as well as clinical evidence to support their use.

Within the 'Americanized System' of dealing with malignancy, there has not been enough focus on preventative medicine, nor the role of immunomodulation - via enhancing a subset of T Cells, called NK Cells (Natural Killer), which play a major function in immunosurveillance for abnormal cells within the body.

In comparison, holistic treatment of this condition has long been focused on the use of immune therapy. Similarly, alternative medicine places a major emphasis on the carcinogenic effect of environmental toxins, particularly chemicals related to pesticides as well as plastics.

Other alternative approaches include:

• Insulin potentiating therapy

• Cryotherapy

• Hyperthermia

• Beta-Glucans or Lentinan from a range of medicinal Mushrooms

• The use of 'old-fashioned' drugs like Digitalis and Warfarin to minimize metastasis

• Tagamet for enhancing Natural Killer cell activity, which in turn kills off abnormal cells

• Burzynski’s antineoplastons… and the list goes on.

Furthermore, there are the many nutritional supplements such as Vitamin D3, or intravenous Vitamin C, which research has shown to be effective in maximizing the immune system; minimizing side-effects from chemo and radiation therapy, and thus improving overall prognosis.

The Importance Of A Good Diet, As Well As Selected Supplements

Healthy eating via a Vegan or meatless diet, or vegetarianism, also plays a major role in both prevention of malignancy, as well as its treatment.

By the same token, some people with tumors actually need small amounts of meat! Many patients, interested in alternative cancer treatments, and thereby also wanting a more holistic medicine approach to this disease are often shocked by this unconventional statement.

It Takes More Than Genes To Switch On Carcinogenicity

Equally, modern medical approaches to malignancy and tumors need to go beyond their present obsession with the role of genetics and DNA as the primary or sole basis to this health issue.

The rapidly advancing science of Epigenetics has shown that there is much more to a supposed genetic link to disease than just having a certain gene.

Epigenetics is actually validating that to eat right; to be much more aware of our environmental health, and how toxins - as well as specific nutrients - are capable of switching genes on or off within our system, all need to be given more credence in an wholistic approach to cancer.

These and many other important topics are explored in the articles listed below.

Please note that this site is still under construction, and some articles on the issues mentioned below are pending. Thank you for your patience.

For Your Exploration - Alternative Health Articles on Cancer

Upon Diagnosis - a summary of things to think about

A Naturopathic Perspective on Cancer

Biopsies – studies show they can increase the rate of metastasis

Chemo Brain - the treatment that shrank your tumor can also damage your brain

'Cellfood' - A Potent, Liquid, Multi-Nutrient Formula With Which To Re-Build Or Maintain Your Health

Flax Seed Hulls - a potent 'food-medicine' for malignancies

Whole Lemon Cleanse Drink - a remarkable, holistic tonic for serious health challenges

Coffee Enemas as a very cost-effective pain treatment

Dr Johanna Budwig - using flax oil & quark as an holistic treatment for malignancies

The War On Cancer - Has It Been Lost?

Insulin Potentiation Therapy; Burzynski & Hyperthermia Options

• Antioxidants and chemo or radiotherapy – not automatically a mismatch

• Breast & Prostate malignancy – enhanced by estrogenic environmental toxins

• Radiotherapy for breast tumors can result in serious heart and lung disease later

• CAT Scan radiation can itself cause cells to go cancerous

• Chemotherapy – latest research shows minimal value

• Digitalis, Warfarin and Tagamet – valid alternatives to minimize the potential for metastases

• Chemotherapy - many oncologists receive kickback payments

• Foods that fight pain in cancerous health conditions

• Gleason scores explained

• Herb Robert – a simple, traditionally used herb for malignant conditions

• Hydrazine sulfate for cachexia or end-stage wasting

• Mammogram – not as safe as made out to be

• Mobile phones – evidence is mounting for its carcinogenicity

• Naltrexone – ‘homeopathic’ doses can powerfully augment Natural Killer activity

• Pain management in malignancy – low cost yet effective options

• Tumors of the Prostate - an wholistic approach

• PSA – not a reliable or accurate test

• Resveratrol for enhancing positive radiotherapy effects while minimizing side-effects

• Selenium to help prevent malignancy – a powerful nutrient

• Sun issues – the failure of the ‘slip slop slap’ philosophy

• Tumor lysis syndrome – much that natural therapies can do to minimize

• Politics and cancer – a ‘carcinogenic’ duo

• Theanine enhances chemotherapeutic effects

• Urea for liver malignancy

• Vitamin D and Vitamin C as a preventative and complementary treatment for malignancy

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