Creative Visualization – You're Doing It All The Time; Although Mostly Unconsciously... And That Can Be a Problem!

Creative Visualization? Co-creation? What's the difference anyway? And isn't it about time we start to learn how much this capacity - hard-wired into each and every one of us! - may also be unconsciously sabotaging our lives?

This inborn human faculty is not necessarily, nor automatically an enriching process! When our Co-creative ability is left to do its own thing on 'auto-pilot,' guided by nothing more than dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs, it can become a major source of strife in our lives.

Unfortunately, our various educational systems haven't bothered to teach us how to become skilled at using this amazing potential of the human mind, which does have such a powerful influence on our reality.

We need to awaken to the fact that the mental imagery we so casually and subconsciously 'play' with - day in, day out - is nonetheless having profound effects on our lives; and not always for good!

All these issues – and much more – are explored in this easy-to-read self help eBook.

So, Why Read This Book?

But then, you may ask, why would I want to read this particular personal development book, when the market is already swamped with so many others on the same topic?

Self Help eBooks – Creative Visualization - Image of Front Cover

Fair question! And the answer is that far too often, various books, DVD's or courses focus more on what you can create materially, rather than how this process of Co-creation is an invitation to self-transformation on mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

This potent process should be about so much more than simply manifesting endless material projects into your life.

Unfortunately, far too many books, DVD’s and courses presently flooding the market, also tend to insinuate that visualization is something you can easily master overnight, allowing you to suddenly become an expert at manifesting the most amazing projects into your life.

True; some people have a natural talent for using this power of the mind, easily and skillfully. A bit like some people can sing beautifully without any training. Although it is true that everyone can sing... sadly, not everyone's song is pleasing to the ear!

So too when it comes to using your subconscious mind power with which to constructively - or detrimentally - affect your daily life.

Meditation Offers A Powerful Platform From Which To Creatively Visualize

A major aspect to being a skilled Co-creator is to develop a greater proficiency at Witnessing the content of our minds. That's why Creative Visualization and Meditation complement each other so well.

Indeed, everyone is already using their mind power to activate the Law of Attraction, thereby affecting their reality.

However, the biggest problem is that we simply don't understand how powerful the effect of our subconscious 'mind movies' are in drawing various good – and bad!- events into our lives.

The Consciousness Journey Is About Becoming Aware Of How Unaware Most Of Us Are, So Much Of The Time

Conscious and skilled use of your mental imagery can help redirect the power of thoughts, or the power of imagination into an astoundingly potent way of re-shaping your life – on all levels.

But Isn't All This Nothing More Than Using The Power Of 'Positive Thinking'?

To a point, this is true. However, genuine Creative Visualization goes way beyond the more simplistic 'think and grow rich' approach so often utilized in this power of the mind technique.

Out of all the self-help eBooks on this site, this one offers you a practical, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to Creative Visualization.

It helps you explore a range of Law of Attraction techniques, allowing the many benefits of visualization to start enriching and changing your life in constructive and healing ways.

You'll find your reality transforming on all levels – health, wealth and ironically, spiritually as well.

Would You Like To Read a Bit From This Self Help eBook Before Deciding To Buy?

If the answer is 'yes', simply click on this link here, to bring you to a PDF version of a sample from this self help eBook.

May this self help eBook provide you with many thought-provoking ideas through which to empower and transform your life.

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