Curious About What The Gratitude Meditation Could Do For You?

So, what on earth is a Gratitude Meditation, I hear you ask? And how could something so innocuous, seemingly naive and idealistic possibly help if you’re feeling really stuck in your life; when it's all too painful and you just don't know what to do anymore?

Indeed, when things are going badly for you, the concept of 'gratitude' will hardly be the first thing to come to mind!

You're more likely to be consumed with emotions of uncertainty, insecurity, confusion; feeling lost; overwhelmed; probably angry, if not at least frustrated, and wanting to yell and scream at the world.

Ironically, it's precisely when your life seems to be falling apart the most, that this apparently bland technique for life can offer a self help program with an amazing 'oomph' to turn things around.

It truly could become your very first, empowering action to dealing with a seemingly insurmountable crisis in your current situation, with no clear path forward, and with perhaps a lurking fear in the back of your mind that there may in fact be no solution to your woes.

Suffering – whatever the cause – is something that each one of us will confront sooner or later in our life Journey. Indeed, it's highly likely we'll face it more than once!

So, what could be that first tentative step with which to begin a Journey out from the dark and gloomy place you may find yourself in at such times?

Well, the surprising – and for some, the rather confronting news! - is that the emotion of deep appreciation, engendered by the Gratitude Meditation has an enormous capacity for Healing on core levels of our being.

However, for some, trying to create a feeling of gratitude when you're in the depths of anguish is hardly an appealing option! In a weird sort of way, it may feel much more 'comfortable' to just remain with your rage, or sadness, or...

The first reaction people usually have to hearing these sort of statements is a sense of affront; indignation or disbelief... 'how could you possibly expect me to feel grateful when my life is in a serious melt-down?!'

Nevertheless, doing the Gratitude Meditation can become a powerful turning point in a Journey of pain and suffering.

Despite the possibility of feeling quite annoyed at these seemingly inappropriate comments... just try to hang in here for a while. Perhaps – right at this moment – you're feeling stuck in deep suffering of some sort.

Or you can clearly remember such an experience from the past, and how difficult it may have been to claw your way out of the emotional 'black hole' that came with it.

You have a choice – also right now! – to simply........

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