Facts About HIV AIDS Treatment Options You May Not Have Thought About

HIV AIDS has been with us now for over 3 decades, and although much has been done to manage AIDS, and symptoms created by the retrovirus causing this viral infection, generally speaking, people living with HIV AIDS can still suffer with numerous other health problems, including lipoatrophy, lipodystrophy, liver disease, neuropathy, shingles, anal warts, herpes, HIV dementia... to name but a few of the daily challenges they face.

In this AIDS article, we'll look at alternative and complementary ways in which the AIDS virus can be managed before there is a need to go onto HAART (highly active antiretroviral treatment) – the medical, drug orientated approach to dealing with the HIV and AIDS virus.

Surviving Well With HIV AIDS Is More Than Just Having an Undetectable Viral Load

We'll also look at a range of alternative ideas, which are not adequately addressed by solely using powerful drugs to suppress the HIV viral load. Despite the importance of this approach to managing infection with HIV AIDS, it ignores the equally vital need to ensure the body as a whole is functioning as optimally as possible.

This involves the critical need to also look at managing such factors as:

• Diet – and exploring what constitutes a 'healthy diet'

• Using medicinal herbs and nutrients to minimize cellular damage & maximize body repair

• Stress – physical, emotional, but also electromagnetic stressors, & how they can sabotage our wellness

• Lifestyle factors – minimizing the negative impacts of the HIV virus by reducing alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs... and more

• Why exposure to STD's and other infections can compromise immune function and one's ability to stay well with HIV

• Discovering our genetic or constitutional weaknesses and compensating for them using naturopathic techniques

• Toxins – from environmental, recreational and other sources

• Adequate sleep – chronic insomnia can seriously compromise healthy immune function

In the West, we're very fortunate that people living with HIV AIDS do have access to a wide and ever expanding range of powerful, medical drugs. However, inevitably those using such forms of HIV medication suffer a lot of collateral damage to their body too.

And this is where natural, more holistic approaches do have an important role to play in the overall management of those who are HIV positive.

Complementary and Medical Treatments – Both Are Viable, Concurrent Options

What needs to be understood is that when managing the HIV virus with alternative HIV meds or protocols, it's more an issue of managing HIV from a complementary angle; it definitely doesn't have to be an 'either:or' choice between medical-only or natural-only treatment approaches.

The modern, medical HIV medications are very effective at bringing the HIV viral load to almost undetectable levels within the body.

Equally, complementary medications have shown their value in preventing or minimizing the collateral damage from those medical drugs, while having a long-vindicated ability to maintain optimal glandular and organ function too.

How to Better Manage HIV Medication-Induced Diabetes

For instance, one of the side-effects often found in those taking HAART is diabetes, due to pancreatic damage from those powerful HIV drugs.

Yet, many medicinal herbs, as well as a range of nutrients – such as alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vanadium, potassium... and others – have shown their value in strengthening pancreatic function; improving blood sugar control, or helping to repair a damaged pancreas.

Along with some important dietary changes, wouldn't it make sense to therefore promote such complementary options in those taking the HIV drugs, especially if blood monitoring shows the pancreas gland is starting to struggle?

Similarly, side-effects to the nervous system; the cardiovascular system; the mitochondria (little energy-producing organelles in all cells), and other organ and glandular systems can be mitigated by the judicious use of a range of natural therapeutic protocols, which have shown their clinical effectiveness over the last 30 years, and more.

Although contracting HIV is a devastating experience for those unlucky enough to be smitten with this immunodeficiency disease, much can be done to allow people infected with HIV to continue living productive, relatively healthy lives – especially when a complementary and wholistic approach is undertaken to their overall disease management.

Below, you'll find a list of topics and concepts related to AIDS and HIV, which will explore the many ways this serious infection can be more productively managed – compared to the present, overly simplistic and far too narrow medical approach of solely suppressing the HIV virus. This single-minded tactic places scant focus on maintaining optimal immune health, let alone overall body health.

Topics Covered in This Section of Peter de Ruyter's Website

Please note that this site is still under construction, and some articles on the issues mentioned below are pending. Thank you for your patience.

The Role of Lifeforce In Optimizing HIV AIDS Management

• HIV AIDS – why the mind:body connection is so crucial to surviving long-term with this infection

• HIV AIDS – a naturopathic perspective as to why those who deny the existence of a viral aspect to this disease are so misguided

• Natural Therapeutic Approaches to HIV AIDS Management – why the medical paradigm urgently needs to shift

• Lipodystrophy – how to slow down or prevent this serious side-effect, caused by many of the medical HIV AIDS drugs

• The Important Role of Co-factors such as HHV6-A or Mycoplasma in the progression of HIV to AIDS

• The value of CD8 immune cells in determining the progression of HIV AIDS

• Natural Killer Cells – a major branch of the immune system to help control HIV infection

• How an unbalanced immune system can have serious repercussions – the importance of TH1 and TH2 immune function equilibrium

• HIV AIDS and the immune system – simple, natural techniques with which to keep it strong and balanced

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