Lifenotes - A Self Help eBook on Metaphysics For The Beginner

If you have been going through a 'dark night of the soul' lately, then 'Lifenotes' can help you by providing lots of practical information on how to deal with this very confronting human experience.

Perhaps you're looking for a more mind body spirit, or holistic approach to resolving those challenges currently plaguing your life?

Maybe, you're searching for a way to transform your suffering into personal growth, but not quite sure how to do this?

Or are you seeking a greater sense of self empowerment amongst the confusions, Spin and manipulation that our Western culture seems to inundate us with?

Self Help eBooks - Lifenotes - Image of Front Cover

No doubt you've heard of the New Age Movement... but perhaps you're not quite sure exactly what this means or involves?

Have you read other New Age books which seemed rather flakey and impractical, leaving you feeling even more unconvinced or disillusioned?

Don't worry; you're not alone!

This self help eBook offers down-to-earth information with the capacity to transform the way you view yourself and live your life. It goes into various issues such as:

• What is metaphysics?

• Explores a range of meditation techniques

• Discusses the difference between religion and New Age spirituality

• It looks at the Universal Laws underpinning the phenomenon of Co-creation, and other intuitive New Age practices

• Explores the Law of Attraction, Reincarnation, Chakras... and many other New Age beliefs

After reading this e-Book: ‘Lifenotes’, you're more likely than not to find yourself seriously reconsidering various things you may have believed about yourself and life.

Your perception of what's involved in experiencing a human life will be altered forever in many constructive ways, allowing you to live your life from a much more self empowered perspective.

In turn, such core changes to your world-view can allow for the beginning of an entirely new and exciting chapter to your Life Journey.

If you’d like to get a sense of this digital book first, an excerpt is available to you right now. Click here; read and enjoy.

To buy this self help eBook:

'Lifenotes – A User's Guide To Making Sense Of Life On Planet Earth'

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