Meditation Really Is Easy! Absolutely Anyone Can Learn To Do It

Mantra meditation, even with the possibility of a Kundalini awakening, is achievable without the need for excruciating poses, special chairs, mats or pillows, let alone a whole list of other paraphernalia.

However, like everything else in life, there are a few simple guidelines to follow if you want to be successful at using this ancient technique.

Meditation For Beginners

This self help eBook provides you with:

• a listing of the various experiences you can expect during a session

• an understanding of how your mind may try to sabotage your ability to do this powerful technique – and how you can overcome this

• a range of tips offering a quick, straightforward exploration of the do's and don'ts

• as well as providing a range of sample mantras

Self Help eBooks - Image of Front Cover
This 'easy-to-read' self help eBook allows you to maximize the many benefits to be gained from this daily practice – on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

It will truly allow for a synthesis of mind body spirit within the practitioner, in turn activating the awesome healing power of this relaxation and peace-inducing method.

So, How Does This Technique Work?

There are many types of meditation, but in this eBook we primarily explore the use of mantras – special words or sounds - through which to focus the mind, thus allowing for the generation of much more calming alpha or theta brainwaves.

For most people, using such a special word or sound is the easiest way to do this empowering process.

This eBook provides for many practical tips to get you started; you're shown how to do this personal development technique, one easy step at a time.

Despite there being many different types of meditation, they have one thing in common:

• from using this practice as a stress buster

• to using it for anxiety, or learning how to relax

• to using this powerful technique for various health issues such as addiction, insomnia, pain relief or pain management, weight loss, depression... and so much more... each case, this special form of contemplation benefits you on mental, emotional, physical – and even spiritual levels, resulting in a much healthier state to all aspects of your being; something that research continues to validate.

Would You Like To Read a Bit From This Self Help eBook Before Deciding To Buy?

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Hope you find it empowering and transformative!

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'Meditation – the how, where & why’s to creating stability & peace in your life’

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