Reincarnation – A Potent, Yet Ignored Psychological ‘Tool’ When Dealing With Life’s Challenges

The concept of reincarnation and past lives was an accepted Christian worldview for several hundred years before Constantine apparently expunged it at the Council of Trent, which first sat in December of 1545.

That makes it over 1500 years where this phenomenon had been accepted by the Church - hardly making for a fly-by-night concept!

For many people, the idea that you have just one life-chance to 'get it right' – and then it is either heaven or hell – rather limits any sense of inherent justice to this human existence.

Bad 'luck' if you happen to be born an AIDS-infected baby in Africa somewhere! Equally, what a good stroke of 'luck' if you happened to find yourself born into a wealthy Western family, with every material possession and social opportunity at your fingertips.

However, exploring the concept of reincarnation - often validated by many people's near death experiences, as well as other research provided via such therapy as past life regression - have all provided for lots of thought-provoking books on reincarnation.

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In the end it is but a matter of belief as to whether you accept the concept of incarnation, just as it is for the more fundamental idea of life after death.

Unfortunately, there is no ultimate way in which to prove either concept.

As with any belief, however, you either choose to accept it and incorporate it into your worldview - or you don't.

Ask The Right Question To Get A Life-Transforming Answer

Along the same lines, one could argue that the question that may serve us better is not whether it is true that humans do go through numerous cycles of life on this planet of ours, but rather... could this concept be more useful in the actual day-to-day living of your present life?

Could this concept better explain many of the inconsistencies and blatant discrepancies found in the human condition?

Perhaps the concept of reincarnation provides us with a more empowering way of not just explaining life's many injustices and challenges, but also allowing us to deal with life in a more constructive manner.

In this compelling self help eBook, you're gently guided to explore such issues – and many more - associated with the concept of past lives.

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Hopefully, this self help eBook will provide you with many thought-provoking ideas through which to transform the way you presently deal with difficult people, or other challenging situations in your life. Enjoy!

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