Religions – Just Obsolete, Or Needing An Urgent Overhaul?

Religions - the sad reality is that when it comes to strife and suffering on this planet, inevitably one of the various faiths – be that Christianity, Judaism, Islam, other creeds or their sects - will be found to have had a role to play in aggravating this all too human phenomenon.

The core principles most different types of faiths espouse include love, compassion, forgiveness, and some variant of: 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

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So, why is it then that a person's, or an entire culture's faith can so often become the driving force for precisely the opposite of these positive human qualities?

Isn't it time we – as a human species – tried to better understand such dysfunctional responses to each other? Which religious belief is 'right'; which is 'wrong'?

Why is it that all too often we hate when we should love; persecute when we should stretch out a helping hand, and use the Old Testament 'eye-for-an-eye' approach, when the New Testament's message of forgiveness would be far more conducive to manifesting true and lasting peace?

Would a more spiritual approach work? And how is spirituality different from religion?

The problem is that 'blind faith' can be most disempowering of an individual, aside from its more sinister ability to manipulate an entire congregation or creed to do things to others that on deeper reflection would never be entertained as an option.

Instead of incessantly demanding conversion to each other's faiths, wouldn't it be more functional to simply allow each person to live out the core principles of their religious beliefs, even if the details vary?

Digital books can be so handy and quick to obtain, and you'll find that all the issues touched on above, and more, are explored in this self help eBook.

The primary aim is to get people to better think through what they may currently be asked to simply believe and accept on faith - as organized religion all too often demands.

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Hopefully, this self help eBook will provide you with many thought-provoking ideas through which to transform the way you presently view various faiths, and what they stand for.

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'Religions – Stepping-Stones On A Soul's Journey'

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