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So... What Will this Page Offer You?

Life can be challenging at times, especially in today’s rapidly changing world, where you barely resolve one issue before the next one whacks you around the proverbial ears. Sounds familiar?

Be assured, there inevitably are answers to such dilemmas... it’s just a matter of finding them! And on this self help eBook site, I’d like to present you with a range of concepts and practical ideas through which to empower your life Journey forward, in constructive and positive ways.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer. Below is a list of self help eBooks, which offer advice and techniques for personal improvement in areas that presently may be confronting you.

Peter de Ruyter's Latest Book - "Antibiotic Resistance - Calamity or Opportunity?"

'Antibiotic Resistance' eBook Front Cover Image-by Peter de Ruyter Antibiotic resistance is real; it is happening now; it’s getting worse, and it could result in the collapse of many of the modern, medical miracles we presently take for granted.

With ever decreasing numbers of viable antibiotics left to choose from, we urgently need to re-assess how we are currently managing infections and health, in addition to gaining a better understanding as to why we’re now dealing with this grave crisis of antibiotic resistance.

This eBook will also take you into a detailed investigation of at least a few - of the many - alternative and complementary options that already exist, with which to better manage antibiotic resistant infections, as well as how to minimize the potential of future antibiotics being lost to this devastating phenomenon.

The eye-opening revelations discussed in this eBook will also offer you a self-empowering platform from which to regain and maintain a better level of health.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about this important topic, please click here to access a sample from this book.

Stress Getting You Down?

Stress-Management-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com Are you feeling stressed lately and not sure how to deal with it in practical and effective ways?

Have you noticed your health declining under all that life pressure?

Then it may be high time to do something about it!

Here, you’ll find realistic, self-help advice and ideas via a range of no-nonsense, easy-to-understand steps provided in the self help eBook titled: Stress Management – how to step off the “conveyor-belt” and reclaim your life.

click here to find out more, plus access a sample from this eBook

Meditation Is Much Easier To Do Than You Think

Perhaps you’d prefer to try a technique I’m sure you’ve heard about, but may have felt was too difficult to do, or simply not powerful enough to deal with your problems?

You’ll find that any personal goals you’ve set yourself for managing your stress levels are achievable once you’ve read in this self help eBook just how simple meditation really is!

Meditation-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com Sometimes people think that meditation is only for those 'New Agey types.' Not quite; you'll be amazed to discover that this is far from some flaky process.

Rather, it's a truly scientific method for dramatically and positively altering your mindset; your brain waves, as well as your body's biochemistry in very healing ways, allowing you to reduce stress, and thereby create a much higher level of inner peace.

If you'd like to explore this intriguing topic further, then the self help eBook, titled: Meditation – the simple how, where and why's to creating stability and peace in

your life
- may be exactly what you have been looking for to help change your life in constructive and healing ways.

click here to find out more, plus access a sample from this eBook

Creative Visualization – a long neglected technique taught over 2,000 years ago

How about creating positive change in your life by learning the skill of Creative Visualization, or Co-creation?

This powerful and life-altering technique has been around for at least 2,000 years, and was actually taught by a celebrated teacher - J.C.

Find that hard to believe?

Well, the answer lies in another self help book, titled: Creative Visualization – manifest physically to transform yourself spiritually, - which you might like to add to your eBook library.

Creative-Visualization-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com
In this self help eBook about Creative Visualization, we explore the immense power of the mind to alter our reality, and here we go way beyond the concept of just "positive thinking," or doing daily affirmations.

We're all "creatively visualizing" every day; all day, through the law of attraction. Like gravity, no-one escapes this universal law, but the dilemma is that 99.9% of us are doing it in an unconscious way... and that can lead to problems in our lives; big problems!

It's a bit like driving your car while half asleep – no surprises if you end up crashing into various things – or worse, ending up in a full-on accident!

The aim, therefore, is not only to become more aware of how we so often sabotage our happiness and fulfillment, but to also become conscious of how relatively easy this skill of Creative Visualization is to learn. However, like all skills, you need to have some basic knowledge as to how it works... and then practice, practice, practice.

This selfhelp e-Book, Creative Visualization, not only shows you how to improve your material welfare, but it can also become a powerful trigger to your spiritual development and Journey.

click here to find out more, plus access a sample from this eBook

Can Suffering Really Be Avoided Within This Earthly Dimension?

The only honest answer will have to be a resounding No!

However, that does not mean there aren't relatively easy concepts, as well as step-by-step processes to help better manage this ubiquitous human experience. But, when it comes to suffering, it would help to think "outside the square."

And here, a gigantic leap in personal growth, as well as spiritual healing can be achieved by simply looking at what is causing your present suffering from a uniquely different perspective.

Suffering-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com One of the self improvement eBooks offered here, entitled: Suffering within planet earth school – powerful ways to undo the pain - will provide you with the self improvement tools through which to transform your suffering into an altogether different experience.

"Impossible," I hear you mutter! Well, this very economical e-Book may well provide for a significant turning point in your life. All you really have to lose is... your suffering!

click here to find out more, plus access a sample from this eBook

For The Spiritually, or Metaphysically Inclined Amongst You…

Whether you are religious, or have a spiritual approach to life, the following two self help eBooks will give you some powerful and alternative ways of looking at life.

Humans definitely need a code of ethics or morality to guide them throughout their lives. For many, religions have long provided exactly that.

Religions-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com However, for others, they may feel stifled by the rigidity which many religious organizations impose on their thinking and living.

If this resonates for you, the e-Book titled: Religions – stepping-stones on a soul's journey - will provide some empowering and insightful concepts, which allow you to retain the essence of what religions teach, while also offering a deeper level of spiritual health and awareness within your life.

click here to find out more, plus access a sample from this eBook

Reincarnation – could this be a practical and realistic concept through which to deal with your life challenges?

Another empowering, metaphysical model that can greatly help you - especially in managing difficult people or situations within your life - is through the concept of reincarnation.

Reincarnation-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com Actually, for the skeptics amongst you, it really doesn't matter whether reincarnation actually happens or not; the only question to ask yourself is... could this concept be useful in dealing with the really tricky situations in your life?

Intrigued? Well, you're bound to be quite enthralled by what you read in this short and easy-to-understand self growth eBook, entitled: Reincarnation – Sequantial or Simultaneous? Exploring more liberating perspectives.

click here to find out more, plus access a sample from this eBook

Looking For a 'User's Guide' to Help Make Sense of This Human Experience?

This is a powerful, self help eBook which explores all the various issues discussed above – but within the same e-cover!

Lifenotes-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com
Some people may prefer to nibble at the edges of these metaphysical or spiritual ideas, while others may enjoy seeing all these above concepts – and more! – set within a broader and more holistic framework.

If this sounds like you, then you might like to click on this link to explore further, as well as access a free sample chapter of the self help eBook titled: Lifenotes – a user's guide to making sense of life on planet earth.

Do You Think You Might be Suffering From a Sluggish Thyroid, Yet Doctors and Tests Keep Saying "Everything's Normal?"

There are many reasons why we presently have epidemic numbers of people within our modern, Western community suffering from an underfunctioning, or sluggish thyroid. Yet, our present-day medical tests are inadequate at diagnosing it.

Factors such as fluoride and chlorine in our water supplies; bromine in many of our electrical gizmos, as well as most home furnishings; lack of certain nutrients in our diet, such as selenium or iodine... these are but a few of the reasons underpinning this insidious form of hypothyroidism – or sluggish thyroid.

Sluggish-Thyroid-Self Help eBooks-Image of Front-Cover-self-help-ebooks-and-alternative-health-articles.com Because the thyroid is the basis to all metabolic reactions within each and every cell, organ and gland of our body, it can therefore also become the basis to a staggering range of ill-health issues.

How would such a sluggish thyroid "change my life", you may ask?

Well, in the self help e-Book: Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – why tests keep coming back 'normal', yet you continue feeling unwell - many alternative health perspectives are explored, with the potential for a significant shift towards greater well being for youself.

To enable you to test this out for yourself, I've supplied the first three chapters of this powerful digital book, exploring a range of alternative health and self help ideas.

click here if you'd like to read these free, sample chapters before you make up your mind as to whether a sluggish thyroid is significantly affecting your health or not.

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However, if you'd like to go straight to the eBook supplier of your choice, (Amazon, iTunes or Kobo) then all these affordable, cheap eBooks are accessible via links to Amazon books, and other suppliers of digital books, as given below.

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For Direct Links to Amazon, iTunes and KOBO e-Outlets Of All eBooks Discussed On This Page, Please See Below:

1) Antibiotic Resistance - Calamity or Opportunity? Exploring Alternate Paradigms and Options

Print-Copies Available From:

Direct Link to BookPOD Store

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eBook Version Available From:

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2) Stress Management – how to step off the “conveyor-belt” and reclaim your life

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3) Meditation – the simple how, where and why’s to creating stability and peace in your life

Direct Link to Amazon Store

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4) Creative Visualization – manifest physically to transform yourself spiritually

Direct Link to Amazon Store

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5) Suffering within planet earth school – powerful ways to undo the pain

Direct Link to Amazon Store

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6) Religions – stepping-stones on a soul’s journey

Direct Link to Amazon Store

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7) Reincarnation – Sequential or Simultaneous? Exploring more liberating perspectives

Direct Link to Amazon Store

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8) Lifenotes – a user’s guide to making sense of life on planet earth

Direct Link to Amazon Store

Direct Link to iTunes Store

Direct Link to KOBO Store

Direct Link to BookPOD Store

(Please Note: BookPOD is based in Australia and only supplies hard-copy versions of this book)

9) Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – why tests keep coming back “normal,” yet you continue feeling unwell

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