What Is The Meaning Of Suffering?

Suffering – you wouldn't be human if you haven't experienced it! Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon which – sooner or later - every person will encounter in their Earthly Journey.

And it can turn an individual's life into a seemingly endless sense of being in purgatory – if not hell.

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The issue, therefore, is not about trying to avoid unnecessary anguish within our lives, but rather, focusing more on what you can constructively do about transforming it into a personal growth experience instead.

This self help eBook explores some unusual ideas, first discussed by Eckhart Tolle, through which to manage this ever-present human occurrence.

Ultimately, much of how we experience our human reality has a lot to do with how we interprete events occurring within our lives - thus making them either 'good' or 'bad.'

In this empowering self help eBook, the various techniques and ideas that are explored, can also become a basis to increasing your level of Consciousness, as well as enhancing your ability to more productively live your day-to-day life.

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May this digital book help turn your life from being ‘half empty’ to at least ‘half full’!

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Suffering Within Planet Earth School – Powerful Ways To Undo The Pain

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