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Welcome to a site offering a range of empowering, self help eBooks, and many free, alternative health articles, presenting practical, holistic answers to questions and issues such as:

Cancer – compared to how increasing numbers of European and Asian cancer clinics are dealing with this challenging health issue, it’s disconcerting to see how seriously off-target and unsuccessful the modern day, US-driven cancer treatment system actually is – despite all their hype.

• Delve into a variety of complementary concepts and treatment approaches through which to better cope with a cancer diagnosis, exploring options which expand upon treatments offered at the moment.

Life Challenges - perhaps you’re searching for a more holistic resolution to a range of life issues?

• Are you feeling frustrated or stuck in your life, and needing some practical, self-help styled inspirational ideas?

• Do you find your daily existence - and 'life out there' - an increasingly confusing experience?

So, What Can This Site Offer You? Have a Quick Peek Below...

If you've answered 'yes' to some of the above points, then you've come to the right place.

The various self help eBooks, and ever increasing number of alternative health articles on natural, wholistic as well as metaphysical approaches to healing are sure to provide you with many useful ideas and solutions to the trouble you may be experiencing.

Hi, and welcome to the Home Page of Peter de Ruyter, herbalist and author, based in Sydney, Australia.

Here's a List of Some of the Topics Presently Available Via The Self Help eBooks and Various Free, Alternative Health Articles

These motivational, alternative health articles will provide you with a range of self help and empowering approaches to a variety of health issues such as:

• Holistic approaches to gaining a deeper understanding of what Cancer really is, and how to better deal with this serious health problem in more productive and Healing ways.

• For those struggling with HIV/AIDS - despite being on the medical anti-HIV drugs - there are many complementary treatment approaches which offer a minimization of side effects from such drugs, while enhancing general wellness.

Flu is something one has to confront on a yearly basis, with much controversy around whether to vaccinate or not. In one of the alternative health articles provided on this site, these issues are explored in a practical and realistic way.

• Are you finding your life filled with a constant barrage of difficult events? Tired of all the negative and critical ‘self-talk’ going on in your mind?

• Then discover the immense power of the 'Gratitude Meditation' through which to transform you life. Sounds improbable? Well, go ahead and read the article outlining this life-altering technique, which is simple to follow and easy to implement.

Some Background Info About This Website's Author

Image of Peter de Ruyter, site author of Self Help eBooks and Alternative Health Articles
Three decades of working as a natural health practitioner, and having consulted with thousands of clients, has allowed me to accumulate a vast amount of information and expertise in a wide range of alternative health and wellness related fields.

By sharing much of this accumulated information with you, via my self-help eBooks and the many free alternative health articles, it's my hope that such knowledge helps empower your search for answers to either health issues, or other challenges in your daily life.

Have a Look at Some of the Topics Covered by the Self Help eBooks On Offer

Below, you'll find a brief description of the various short, easy-to-read self help eBooks, which contain a distillation of the many insights I've had over the last 30 years of consulting with clients, and which explore topics such as:

Meditation – the 'how, when, where, and why' to this powerful technique, which will guide you through some easy steps to getting started on a regular basis.

Stress Management – who isn't stressed nowadays, and needing some constructive help in this arena? In this self help eBook you'll find handy ideas for managing life's anxieties and worries.

Sluggish Thyroid - this can be a major, underlying cause to many health problems, yet difficult to diagnose via the usual pathology tests.

• It is quite possible a 'sluggish thyroid' is the underlying basis driving many of your health issues, even though the doctors weren't able to pick up on it. This self help eBook will provide you with lots of useful and constructive insights.

• Read about a quick and simple home test, with which to find out for yourself whether your thyroid is a problem or not, while the eBook: 'Sluggish Thyroid' will explain how to improve your thyroid function.

• Learn how to help yourself via the power of your mind, using Creative Visualization techniques, and why this can help you resolve so many of your life problems - especially those pesky situations which keep repeating themselves!

• Another self help eBook on this site, explores constructive ways through which to deal with the inevitable Suffering found in life; something which all humans eventually have to face.

• The eBook: 'Lifenotes - a user's guide to making sense of life on planet earth' delves into a wide range of metaphysical or spiritual ideas, which can give so much more 'oomph' to managing this hectic, crazy and often confusing experience called Life.

An Inspiring Thought to Help Motivate You in Your Life Journey

Over the decades of consulting with many clients, one of the basic concepts underpinning much of my work has been the idea that:

Knowledge is Power - it gives you the option to make more informed, and thus more constructive choices in Life.

Keeping this concept in mind, I invite you to dive right in and explore this site.

May the self help eBooks and free, alternative health articles provide you with an enhanced sense of self empowerment as you discover, within this information, many complementary answers to your health and life challenges.


Knowledge empowers; intuition guides – both are needed to succeed in Life’s Journey.

(keep in mind this site was only launched in late Aug’11, and is still under construction, with much more to come, hence you might like to bookmark this site, and revisit it from time to time to delve into the newly added, free material that will continue to accumulate as this website grows)

Click Here For A More Detailed Listing Of All The Self Help eBooks On This Site

Or click on the links below for individual eBooks and alternative health articles:

Table of Contents

Self Help eBooks to Inspire Alternative Approaches to Your Health and Life
Self help eBooks, providing you with empowering, personal development tools as well as motivational and alternative health tips for problems challenging your wellness
Antibiotic Resistance–A Growing Reality Capable Of Destroying Many Medical Gains
Antibiotic Resistance – a calamity in the making, or a major opportunity for meaningful change within medicine? A new, paradigm-shifting book by Herbalist, Peter de Ruyter
Creative Visualization – Manifest Physically To Transform Your Life Spiritually
Creative visualization – re-learn how to use simple ol' thoughts to radically alter and empower your life – materially and spiritually
Lifenotes – A User's Guide To Making Sense Of Life On Planet Earth
Lifenotes, a powerful eBook which explores the human condition from a Metaphysical perspective, allowing for a fundament shift in your world-view and way of dealing with life's challenges
Meditation – An Easy Way To Create Stability and Peace In Your Life
This self help eBook provides many meditation tips, as well as several mantras, all aimed at allowing you to better manage the people and events that stress you out, while also improving your health
Reincarnation – Sequential or Simultaneous? Exploring More Liberating Perspectiv
Multiple reincarnation - explored from the unusual angle of it occurring simultaneously; not necessarily sequentially, offers more empowering options in managing difficult people or life challenges
Religions – stepping-stones on a soul's journey
Religions – more a help or hindrance to peace on Earth? Perhaps it's high-time to look beyond the differences, and focus more on the core similarities – compassion, love and mutual respect
Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – You Feeling Unwell, Yet Test Always Normal
A sluggish thyroid can be the basis to a wide range of symptoms and ill-health, yet is often invisible to normal testing, resulting in many people left undiagnosed and untreated
Stress Management - How To Step Off The "Conveyor-Belt" and Reclaim Your Life
Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your daily grind? This easy-to-read self help eBook provides practical and empowering stress management advice to help bring back tranquility to your life
Suffering Within Planet Earth School – Powerful Ways To Undo The Pain
Can suffering be avoided? Unfortunately not, but this eBook explains how a simple mind-shift can become a powerful tool in helping you better manage this ever-present human experience.
Useful Techniques With Which To Transform Your Life
Does your life feel like it needs a 'make-over'? Learn some simple, easy-to-use techniques with which to enrich as well as transform your life
Life In Chaos? Turn Things Around Using The Gratitude Meditation
When your life seems stuck in suffering, insecurity and confusion, the Gratitude Meditation can be an unexpected, yet potent way of starting to undo the pain.
You've Got A Cancer Diagnosis – Scary Words. Now What?
Dealing with cancer diagnosis; where to start? So many medical opinions and directives as to what you should do. Here are some basic guidelines for those early, tumultuous days.
Cancer – Complementary Ideas to Empower You Upon Diagnosis or Starting Medical T
Cancer – think outside the box; choose a complementary approach to maximize your survival. Natural and medical treatment options can work together.
Needle Biopsy - Deceptively Innocuous, Yet Can Increase Metastasis
Needle Biopsy – a risk:benefit assessment of whether this technique causes more harm than good in trying to establish a cancer diagnosis
Chemo brain – the treatment that shrank your tumor can also damage your brain
Chemo brain – one of the chemotherapy side effects you're often not warned about, but which can significantly compromise your quality of life
Alternative Health Articles on General Health Care Issues
Alternative health articles to empower you in self-managing a wide range of health care issues from a more natural and holistic perspective
Alternative HIV AIDS Facts and Complementary Approaches to HIV Treatment
HIV AIDS information from an holistic and complementary perspective, with which to empower people infected with HIV
The Role of Lifeforce Concepts In Optimizing HIV AIDS Management
Using a Lifeforce perspective provides many positive, healing advantages when managing HIV AIDS. Drug therapy alone is not enough
Self-empowering Videos On A Wide Range Of Health Topics
You Tube videos by Peter de Ruyter on a range of alternative health topics to empower you in regaining your health
Healthy Herbal Tea For Liver and Gut - Made From ‘Instant’, Powdered Herbs
An ‘instant herbal tea for improving and repairing liver and gut function. These powdered, herbal cleansing teas are quick and easy to make
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
Important Resources For You To Tap Into
A listing of important and empowering, self-help resources

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