Alternative Health Articles to Help You Manage Your Health Care Issues

A wide range of alternative health articles are accessible from this webpage to help you deal with many of the health care issues listed below.

Thank goodness we live in an era of unprecedented medical advances – anesthetics, antibiotics, effective analgesics, amazing diagnostic procedures... and yet, many people find themselves suffering with unresolved health issues.

The trouble is that all these marvelous medical techniques often fail to truly cure some of the more chronic, degenerative health problems we encounter in our modern societies today, such as: arthritis, raised cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes to name but a few.

Modern medicine certainly has a plethora of drugs to manage or suppress symptoms, but stop the medications and the health issues usually bounce back; which just vindicates how little any of the core layers to the problem have been truly dealt with.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Gets More to The Root of Things

Thirty years ago or so, a range of 'folk medicine', 'folk remedies' or 'natural cures' - emanating from what could be called 'traditional medicine' approaches to health problems - started to become more popular for treating a wide range of such issues, not resolved by modern medicine.

Today, alternative health care medicine has become a viable treatment option to many of our health woes, and the more we do research on such alternative health answers, the more we discover the previously considered 'old wives' tales' vindicated by science.

We now find there are many alternative health modalities that work, such as acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy, osteopathy, Bowen therapy, and so many more, with increasing numbers of scientific studies proving their value. Some of these issues are discussed in the alternative health articles below.

The common factor in all such alternative health therapies is that they are far more focused on seeking out the cause of the presenting health problem, as well as treating each patient from a more holistic health care perspective.

What this means is that not everyone's arthritis joint pain, Candida albicans, gallstones, vertigo, low blood sugar, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), indigestion, insomnia, food allergies, headache pain, gout, chronic fatigue syndrome... or whatever, is treated the same.

The various alternative health articles on this site will show how holistic medicine looks at the whole person, plus their individual idiosyncrasies.

There Can be no Standard Treatment, Because There are no Standard People

A big mistake made by modern medicine is to think that you can 'standardize' treatments; yet show me a 'standardized' person?

Everyone is different, and so too when it comes to treating their health issues using an alternative health approach. It may be easier for a practitioner or doctor to assume a 'one-fit-all' approach will solve the problem, but it often doesn't. Then what?

That's where the various alternative health articles listed below will start to provide you with some answers.

What you'll find is that the alternative health benefits of a more individualized approach to treatment, plus the use of natural health remedies far outweighs the extra work a therapist has to do to sort out specifically what that person needs in order to resolve their health issue.

Below, a Wide Range of Health Issues For You to Explore

A lot of alternative health facts and natural health remedies are presented below in the free, easily accessible alternative health articles, which will greatly empower your ability to better understand the health issue you may be struggling with, as well as how to make better treatment choices.

Keep in mind that the aim of this website is not to suggest you should avoid modern medical solutions; far from it.

What is being suggested, however, is that when it comes to the more chronic health issues of our day, all too often modern medicine only tends to suppress their symptoms, rather than truly eradicate the health condition altogether.

Hence, it may be worth your while to at least investigate some alternative health strategies with which to better manage your particular health challenge.

eBooks Plus Alternative Health Articles to the Rescue

The alternative health articles below are freely available, but if you specifically wanted to learn more about how to achieve stress reduction through some empowering stress management ideas, or meditation; or read an informative eBook on hypothyroidism (a poorly functioning thyroid leading to a wide range of symptoms such as: fatigue, weight gain, headaches, dry skin, hair loss, depression, poor memory, low libido, high cholesterol, frequent chest infections, etc.), then simply click on the text links in this paragraph.

Topics Covered in This Section of Peter de Ruyter's Website

Please note that this site is still under construction, and some articles on the issues mentioned below are pending. Thank you for your patience.

Colds and Flu – to vaccinate or not?

Liver - a major regulator of health and wellbeing

Heartburn or Reflux – more than just an 'acid' problem

Colloidal Silver - an old remedy with new applications

Whole Lemon Cleanse Drink - a potent, easy-to-make, health restoring tonic

• New Year's Resolutions - ideas through which to empower your life

• Toxicity – a modern health threat and how to do a detox program safely

• Energy Drinks – a great way to become 'burnt-out', plus end up with diabetes

• Burnout – not as rare as you might think, yet very treatable

• Bach Flower Remedies & Tissue Salts – two simple, cheap and highly effective self-help therapies for home use

• Gallbladder Cleanse – the pros and cons, plus some alternative ideas

• Headache Pain – liver and gut problems can often drive this debilitating health issue

• Heavy Metal Toxicity – something you can't avoid, but you can help your body detox them – read how in this alternative health article

• Natural Weight Loss – this requires a healthy thyroid, strong adrenals and minimal toxins on-board – then look at your diet

• Menopause – so much you can do from a natural perspective

• Fever Phobia – how anti-inflammatory drug can sabotage your body's attempt to heal

• Food Allergies – what's driving this modern epidemic? This alternative health article provides some thought-provoking ideas

• Hemorrhoid Therapy – not complete unless you also treat your liver and gallbladder

• Hypoglycemia – the hidden cause to fatigue, irritability, foggy-headedness and other roller-coaster symptoms

• Leaky Gut – a hidden basis to many other health issues like arthritis, autoimmune problems, skin issues (eczema, psoriasis), allergies and much more

• Butter vs Margarine – the latter may be 'killing you slowly'

• Rehydration + Salt Therapy – a powerful duo for creating health

• Gotu Kola – the lowly herb with a lofty potential to keep you well; easy to grow on your balcony or in your garden

• Spice Tea – improve your digestion problems with this easy-to-make herbal tea

• Soy – this alternative health article explores why it may not be as healthy as claimed

• Sinusitis? Did you know your scourge may be due to a fungus infection, as well as poor digestion?

• Rooibos Tea – a great alternative to both regular tea or coffee, plus many health benefits to its name

• Microwaving – is this cooking... or 'nuking' your food?

• Warts – alternative health solutions to an unsightly – and often infectious! – problem

• Sunlight – not as scary as the 'experts' would like you to believe

• Cardiovascular Disease – an alternative health article containing powerful ideas with which to complement what your specialist may be telling you

• Candida Albicans – not just a passing health fad, but a core basis to much ill-health

• Insulin Resistance – what's driving this insidious and dangerous syndrome that could be killing you?

• Urine Therapy – when nothing else has worked - (and it's not as awful as you think when you only use micro-doses!)

• Bacopa or Brahmi - safe, natural herbal remedies with which to treat your memory loss and other health problems

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a modern form of burnout?

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